Elkhart residents concerned over street racing

(Photo supplied/Elkhart Truth)

Residents in Elkhart are calling on the city to do something about street racers.

Nearly 100 cars, on a regular basis, gather in a Nappanee Street parking lot to conduct burnouts and take part in street racing.

Some who live near the Martin’s Super Market raised question to the City Council as to why it is allowing the events to happen.

The Elkhart Truth reports that police have shown up several times but have had little effect on deterring the racers.

Chief of Police, Kris Seymore said he is aware of the events, but if they do not find anything illegal going on, there isn’t much they can do.

Seymore says the department will come up with a plan to address the issue.



  1. This is not true. They’re making it out to be way more than it is. They just don’t like it so they’re saying anything they think will work to get what they want. I do a live feed from there almost every meet. One guy doesn’t like it so he’s making trouble for people who aren’t doing anything wrong.


  2. Well this is what happens when you have a place to go and race is taken away. When OC Dragway was open this was not a problem. Thank you Dr. Boling and the crew that started all of this. Now they want to cry about street racing what did you think was going to happen when Dragstrip was closed.

  3. They are car enthusiasts that like to show off their rides that they put money & time into. If these cars are branded with Krmnl they are not our to cause problems they are simply out to gather and talk. They share ideas and discuss maintenance and upkeep. If you want to cause problems and you do have the Krmnl logo on your vehicle please promptly remove it because this group do not want you associated with this car club.


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