Michigan ranks high in best states for women’s equality study

"Marriage Equality" by charlesfettinger, CC BY 2.0

Michigan ranks in the top ten best states for women’s equality.

That, according to a recent study by financial website WalletHub, which compared all 50 states across three key dimensions: Workplace Environment, Education and Health and Political Empowerment.

Michigan ranked ninth overall and third in the Political Empowerment category.

Indiana ranked 40th overall and placed particularly low in the Largest Income Gap subcategory, tying 48th with Louisiana.

The top five best states for women’s equality are Nevada, Hawaii, Vermont, Maine and New York.

The lowest-ranked state is Utah.

You can read the full study by clicking here.


  1. I’m willing to bet folding money that the metrics used in this “study” are leftist tripe. Equality apparently isn’t about being equal anymore…


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