5,200+ additional COVID-19 cases reported in Indiana on Thursday

(Photo supplied/Indiana State Department of Health)

The state health department said on Thursday, Sep. 2, that 5,222 more Hoosiers have tested positive for COVID. 23 more COVID deaths also reported in Indiana.

In total, 14,101 Hoosiers have died from the virus.

On the state’s COVID map, 13 counties are in the red, 75 counties are in the orange, and only four are in the yellow.

Most counties in the 95.3 MNC listening area are in the orange zone. LaGrange County is in the yellow zone. Fulton County is in the red zone.


  1. What test are they using to determine “covid”
    The pcr has been recalled due to COMPLETE AND UTTER DECEIT that it works properly.
    As attested to by its CREATOR!!!


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