Data breach affecting Paxton Media Group


Current and former employees of Paxton Media Group are being affected by another data breach.

Paxton owns The Elkhart Truth and several other regional newspapers.

They say on March 20, suspicious activity took place on certain computer systems, prompting an investigation.

They determined an unauthorized user was able to copy information from their system, possibly including names, birthdays, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers or state ID numbers, bank Account and/or routing numbers, health insurance information, taxpayer ID numbers, credit card numbers and/or expiration dates.

Paxton is mailing letters to the individuals thought to be impacted by the data breach.

More information can be found within Paxton’s complete statement found here.



  1. I used to work for Paxton and I reviewed the letter sent to me regarding data breach I would like to know how this is being handled because I know my name had been used .
    Tonya C Abraham Prince
    My married name was Abraham when I worked there now it’s Prince.


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