Early in-person voting on Concord Community Schools referendum starts Tuesday

Photo supplied / The Elkhart Truth

Early in-person voting on the Concord Community Schools referendum starts today.

Concord’s Superintendent says the funding is needed to help offset reduced funds coming from the state and tax caps.

If successful, it would reduce the district’s existing tax levy from 40 cents to 32 cents for every $100 of net assessed value beginning in the year 2022.

District leaders say the money would be used to help continue to keep class sizes low, provide classes that are technology ready and enhance future programing opportunity.

The Elkhart Truth reports only registered voters within the Concord district can vote.

The main location for in-person absentee voting is at the Lincoln Center on Oakland Avenue in Elkhart.


  1. Be careful how you vote! Attorney General Merrick Garland has directed the FBI to go after anyone questioning the “wisdom” of school boards. You will be labeled as a “domestic terrorist” and be sent to the Gulag, Comrade.

    You should vote NO anyway, the schools don’t have a funding problem, they have a spending problem.

  2. The school spending problem is very similar to the government spending problem. Thankfully they cannot simply print money to spend more.

    Best choice is to vote NO!


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