Criticism waged after City of South Bend outlines plan to use American Rescue Plan funds

(Photo supplied/City of South Bend)

City leaders in South Bend have passed a plan to use American Rescue Plan money to revitalize many troubled neighborhoods throughout the city.

Mayor James Mueller outlined the budget proposal outside a newly renovated home in one of those neighborhoods.

The plan calls for $25-million in federal rescue funding to repair, rebuild, and re-imagine housing in South Bend.

Critics of the plan say that not enough money is being pushed towards the city’s west-side — which is a predominantly black neighborhood.

The city is receiving nearly $59 million.

Groups including Black Lives Matter South Bend, and the Kennedy, LaSalle, and Lincoln-Bendix Neighborhood Associations are demanded at least $30 million housing, neighborhood planning and infrastructure.


  1. What does that spending have to do with COVID, which is (ostensibly) what the American Rescue Plan was for?

    Though to be honest, that was a misnomer. It should have been called the “American Bankruptcy Plan” because that was the point of it all.

    Regardless, what right does BLM and those neighborhood associations have to demand a darn thing? Those funds should benefit EVERYONE, not just the people who rely on handouts to survive.


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