Historic documents to be on display in Indianapolis

(Photo supplied/The Remnant Trust)

You’ll be able to put your hands on some of the world’s most important documents at the Columbia Club in downtown Indianapolis Oct. 20 and 21, when the Remnant Trust collection is on display. You’ll be able to see and touch some of what the framers of the United States read when formulating the ideas that established our Democratic Republic.

“There’s a 1576 Magna Carta, printed for that time and we will also have a first edition of Machiaveli’s “The Prince”,” said Kris Bex, president of the Remnant Trust on WIBC’s First Day with Terri Stacy.

Bex described “The Prince” as a “great world-renowned book about how to attain and maintain power”.

You’ll also see Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” and John Locke’s “Two Treatises on Government”.

Bex said it’s important to know about the documents to understand how the United States was formed and from where the framers got their ideas.

“Sometimes people think that democracy or republics or the idea of separation of church and state somehow magically sprang out of the ground in New England in the 1770s,” he said. “Humans have been struggling with these ideas as long as they’ve been able to think.”

Bex said it’s important to understand that the ideas that were melded to form documents like the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence came from thousands of years of political philosophy, based on human successes and suffering.

You’ll also be able to see a hand-written copy of “The Book of Enoch”. It’s the oldest, most complete manuscript, and it’s from the 1400s.

“It is part of the Apocrypha, as we’ve come to know it, the books that appeared between the Old Testament and the New Testament in the first King James Bible.”

You must RSVP to the Columbia Club of Indianapolis, which s on Monument Circle, by October 13, HERE.

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