Sinclair Broadcasting, WSBT-TV experiencing technical problems due to ransomware attack


Sinclair Broadcast Group has fallen victim to ransomware.

Sinclair is one of the largest owners of broadcast stations in the U.S.

Its stations include WSBT-TV which has had its programming disrupted due to the cybersecurity breach.

The problems began over the weekend and have even hampered the effort to get local newscasts on the air to a normal degree.

The corporation, as well as the local news anchors at WSBT-TV, said they’ve been working around the clock to fix the problems and present the local news and their programming as best they can.


  1. How can ransomware impact news reporting? Can’t they just make up new lies to tell, or don’t they remember what ones that have already told. I guess it would take a computer to keep track of them all…

  2. Dont need another news program, Wheel of Fortune uplifting and fun to watch. Now its replaced. You can’t even get the program guide right. Get some help


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