Elkhart School Board approves 2022 budget

(Photo supplied/Elkhart Community Schools)

The Elkhart School Board has approved the 2022 budget. Totally nearly $145.5 million.

According to The Elkhart Truth, the spending plan is nearly $630,000 less than the 2021 budget.

The money that is going towards education is estimated at $83.5 million. While the operations fund is listed at just under $40 million.

The district will still have to operate with voters’ rejection of the referendum asking taxpayers for $15.25 million each for the next eight years.


  1. For reference, the $145.5 million the school spends is over 1.5 times the size of the $92 million to fund the entire CITY.

    Please stop pretending that the schools are underfunded because their greedy referendum got shot down. There is plenty of money, the schools just refuse to spend it on education.


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