Jackie Walorski takes on Biden Vaccine Mandate

(Photo supplied/Berrien County Health Department)

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski is speaking out against the Biden Vaccine Mandate with a new piece of legislation.

On Thursday, the 2nd District Representative introduced a Congressional Review Act resolution to formally disapprove of and nullify what she called President Biden’s “unconstitutional vaccine mandate imposed on America’s job creators and workers.” She introduced the measure along with more than 160 of her fellow House Republicans, and Senator Mike Braun introduced companion legislation in the Senate.

Walorski claims the vaccine mandate “tramples on Americans’ fundamental freedoms and would exacerbate the skyrocketing inflation, supply chain bottlenecks, and workforce shortages” that she says are devastating the U.S.



  1. But she sure took the kickback money from the pharmaceuticals once already pushing the vaccines. She thinks we are stupid. What a dumb %@@@

  2. I wish her luck, but the House is controlled by the enemy within the gates. Nothing meaningful will happen there, because the House leftists will not stop the Administration leftists from trampling our rights.


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