How to respond when a deer runs in front of your vehicle


Deer are on the move, so it’s time for a friendly reminder from Michigan’s Office of Highway Safety Planning.

The OHSP reminds you “Don’t veer for deer.” In most situations it’s far more dangerous to swerve and try to miss a deer that runs out into your path than it is to brake firmly and hit them. Hold onto the steering wheel and stay in your lane while doing everything you can to bring your vehicle to a complete stop.

Deer are especially active at dawn and dusk, so be sure to stay awake, alert, attentive…and sober. It’s also important to remember that deer typically travel in groups, so if you see one crossing the road…chances are there are others nearby that could do the same.

More than 40%  of all vehicle-deer crashes happen in the last three months of the year.



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