Hoosier business leaders pushing for legalization of cannabis through a new organization

Photo supplied / Indiana Cann Facebook Page

Hoosier business leaders pushing for cannabis legalization are doing so through a new organization.

The group, “Indiana Cann” is a 501 C4 non-profit that advocates for the adult use of cannabis by focusing on the economic benefits of cannabis legalization, including state tax revenue, creation of new jobs and the associated investments.

The group points a recent study by the tax Foundation, which suggests $171 million could be generated each year if Indiana adopts the Colorado taxing model.

Indiana Cann intends to push for legalization during the upcoming legislative session.

To learn more, visit www.indianacann.org.


  1. We shouldn’t use the Colorado tax model. Sin taxes are abhorrent.

    It should be legalized simply because it’s the right thing to do.


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