Nearly 100-catalytic converters stolen from Elkhart Forest River plant over weekend

(Photo supplied/Forest River)

An investigation is under way after 94-catalytic converters were stolen from a Forest River Plant in Elkhart over the weekend.

According to an employee who arrived at work early Monday morning, a hole had been cut in the fence near the back of the property. That’s when they discovered the lock was broken on the gate and found fresh tire tracks leading into the plant.

The converters were allegedly stolen using a battery operated Sawzall on or after Saturday night.

Police were contacted shortly after 5:30 Monday morning, but no suspect information has been released.

If you have any information on the incident, please contact the Elkhart City Police Department ((574) 295-7070), or Michiana Crime Stoppers ((574) 288-STOP).


  1. Why is it LEGAL for someone to sell and someone to BUY new or used converters? Pass a law. Make it illegal to possess or buy Then thefts stop

    • I possess a used catalytic converter. It’s under my car. How could you tell if it is stolen or not?

      Most of the time, they are being recycled for the platinum inside. It’s already illegal for a scrapyard to take them without proof of ownership, but not everyplace plays by the rules…


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