Elkhart man learns his fate after admitting to stealing nearly $1-million from his employer

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It’s 4-and-a-half years for an Elkhart man after he admitted to pocketing more than $900,000 from his employer.

The sentence breaks down to one year in prison followed by six months on home detention and three years on probation for 56-year-old Scott Hagedorn.

Hagedorn stood accused of stealing proceeds over a period of years while working as manager for John’s Trailer Sales in Middlebury, according to 95.3 MNC’s reporting partners at The Elkhart Truth.

The owner of the company said Hagedorn was like a brother to him. Hagedorn claimed to have gambled some of the money and “squandered” the rest.

The judge called the case of theft and embezzlement one of the most disturbing he’s seen and also ordered Hagedorn to repay the first $100,000 back within six months.


  1. If the perp was really only 6-years old as you report, one can understand the ridiculously short sentence for stealing almost a million dollars.


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