Senators Young, Braun concerned about lifting of Title 42

("U.S. Capitol Building detail" by Kevin Burkett, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic)

Indiana Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun both expressed their concerns on Twitter about President Biden’s lifting of Title 42, which is expected to happen on May 23.

Both Senators expect this change to allow more immigrants to enter the United States. Senator Braun said the “radical left is running the White House.” He also wrote that Biden’s staff knows this will create an “influx,” but is still choosing to go ahead.

Senator Young says this decision will “exacerbate” a “crisis.” He simply called the move “the wrong decision.”

Title 42 allows migrants to be turned away due to concerns over public health, instead of receiving asylum at the border.


  1. As are most US citizens. What this President is thinking is beyond belief. More crime, more sickness, just plain added issues affecting the US and its people.


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