FBI active shooting report details Indiana with three incidents in 2021

(Photo supplied/Federal Bureau of Investigations)

A FBI report released Monday on the details of 2021 active shooting incidents in the U.S. and three of them happened in Indiana.

Two of the incidents in Indianapolis and one in Kendallville.

The FedEx shooting was mentioned as one of the five shootings that matched with the highest number of people dead and wounded.

At the FedEx Ground Plainfield Operations Center on April 15, 2021, a 19-year-old male was armed with two rifles and began shooting inside and outside the warehouse. Eight employees were killed and seven wounded. The shooter committed suicide at the scene when police arrived.

On May 29, 2021, a 22-year-old male opened fire at various locations in Indianapolis. Four people were wounded including an officer. Law enforcement was able to apprehend the shooter after an exchange of gunfire at the scene.

On June 27, 2021, at a gas station in Kendallville, a 24-year-old male began shooting inside Gallops gas station. One person was killed and two were wounded. Officers arrested the man at a different location.

The number of active shooting incidents in the U.S. has increased by 50% in 2021, this number has doubled since 2019.

The FBI reports only five states (California, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, and Florida) had more active shooter incidents than Indiana in 2021.

FBI Report Press Email:

“Today the FBI released the Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2021 report. The FBI designated 61 active shooter incidents in 2021 – a more than 50% increase from the previous year. In these incidents, 103 people were killed and 140 wounded, excluding the shooters.

For the period 2017-2021, active shooter incident data reveals an upward trend. The number of active shooter incidents identified in 2021 represents a 52.5% increase from 2020 and a 96.8% increase from 2017.

For 2021, an emerging trend involving roving active shooters was observed; specifically, shooters who shoot in multiple locations, either in one day or in various locations over several days.”

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