Crumbl Cookies opening their doors in Mishawaka

(Photo supplied/Crumbl Cookies)

A new sweet treat destination, with a unique twist, is coming to Mishawaka.

Crumbl Cookies will be opening their doors at 8 a.m. July 1.

In 2018, they established what they call, a rotating menu.

That means, the shop has four new and different cookie flavors almost every week.

But don’t worry, they have a permanent chocolate chip and semi-permanent Pink Sugar cookie on their menu.

The company says that they focus on making unique cookies inspired by pies, cakes, candies, and more.

Cookies can be ordered in packs of 4, 6, and 12.

They have around 300 locations across the states.

The Mishawaka shop is located on 5320, North Main Street, next to the Mission BBQ.


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