Walorski introduces legislation to seek justice for illicit fentanyl victims

(Photo Supplied/Rep. Jackie Walorski)
Second District Representative Jackie Walorski has introduced the Civil Justice for Victims of International Fentanyl Trafficking Act.
The legislation would allow fentanyl victims or their families to pursue civil action against a foreign state to seek accountability for those who have refused to deter drug traffickers and cartels.
The act would allow victims or their families, who were either injured or killed by fentanyl that was trafficked into and within the United States, to pursue civil action against a foreign state that has refused to take action against international drug traffickers and criminal organizations.
It would also allow any state attorney general to bring civil action on behalf of the residents of their state who have died or been injured by international fentanyl trafficking.
Fentanyl is said to be about 100 times more potent than morphine. Just 2 mg of fentanyl is considered a potentially lethal dose. In 2021, 71,238 American citizens died from fentanyl overdoses, which accounts for two-thirds of the overdose deaths in the United States last year.

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Charles U Farley June 24, 2022 at 8:35 am

So junkies can break the law to take an illegal drug with known hazardous potential, and then SUE based on their own blatantly stupid and illegal actions? BRILLIANT!

This is the kind of hard hitting legislation we need right now. /sarc

Linda Edwards June 27, 2022 at 9:42 pm

People like you continue to cause stigma so a person with a Substance Use Disorder is ashamed to seek help. We lost our son on 1/28/2022 to fentanyl. He was given a fake pill. You tell the mother of Nick Rucker, who took 1/2 of a percocet and died because it was pure fentanyl. Nick did not have a SUD. Are you calling Serenity, a 17 month old who died of fentanyl poisoning a “junkie”? What about 6 year old Emme, who is a victim of fentanyl poisoning too? How about a 13 year old experimenting for the first time and dies? Instead of labeling individuals with a Substance Use Disorder as a “junkie,” please educate yourself. Addiction is defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5-TR) as a disorder. Alcoholism is defined as a SUD. Do you drink? If yes, why would you knowingly put something in your body that impairs your thought process, damages your liver and kidneys? When you are impaired, why would you get into a vehicle, drive and kill someone in an accident? Not all people are born with the predisposition for a SUD but those who are, are stigmatized by people with your mentality. Education is the key along with compassion and understanding.


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