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Life on the road becoming too pricey for many Michigan truckers

Image by Chris Sharkman from Pixabay

Life on the road is getting more and more expensive for Michigan’s independent truck drivers.

There are a number of factors playing into the loss of drivers in the state. The price of diesel fuel soared to near 6 dollars a gallon. Truck prices have doubled. Parts have become difficult to come by.

Bridge Michigan reports that businesses have had to increase costs as well in response to the challenges, which include freight sitting still on loading docks waiting to be picked up. Truckers deliver roughly 70% of goods to Michigan store shelves, and drivers are discovering that they can earn about the same amount working in fast food — without the headaches of life behind the wheel.

The U.S. Department of Transportation says 300,000 truck drivers quit each year, and the current economy has the industry short by about 80,000 drivers right now, according to the American Trucking Association.


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