Health officials worry that the new school year will cause a spike in COVID cases

COVID 2021
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Health officials the return of students to classrooms could bring on a new spike in COVID cases.

Most Michiana schools are already back in session, and for the first time in two years those students aren’t starting the school year behind masks. But COVID cases are currently higher than they were at the start of the last two school years, it’s worried that COVID will be a classmate.

The CDC and State Health Department have different recommendations for what to do if your student comes home with the virus or is exposed to someone with COVID.

Indiana’s COVID guidelines worry health officials and leads them to believe that there will soon be a spike of cases in the classroom.


  1. This is all BS it’s all about control. The only ones getting covid are the vaccinated. The cases are not rising, this is scare tactics. That’s it


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