South Bend abortion clinic to resume full services

(Photo supplied/Pixabay)
The abortion clinic in South Bend plans to resume full services.
This, after a judge blocked Indiana’s new abortion ban last week.
Whole Women’s Health says it will take a while to get back up and running with abortion services since many people scheduled to have one had to have their appointments canceled when the law took effect last week.
Michiana Right To Life says they are disappointed with the judge’s decision.
They say around 23 pre-born lives will be lost every day the injunction remains in effect and they hope it will be temporary and brief.


  1. The hands holding the baby need to be shown crushing the life out of it with the infants blood flowing through their fingers and running down their arms.

  2. Great news. The SOUL within the fetus cannot be killed by any kind of abortion. Neither state nor federal have ANY right to personal reproductive choices. Let Freedom Ring!


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