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Michigan debates new nuclear future after shuttering Palisades

(Photo supplied/Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

As debate over the eventual fate of the Palisades Nuclear Plant continues, Michigan officials are studying the state’s nuclear prospects.

Should the state tap into new nuclear technologies? That’s one of the questions being posed as the scramble continues to revive the Palisades plant in Van Buren County.

Bridge Michigan reports that a bill cleared the Senate on Wednesday directing the state to study the question, and is headed to Governor Whitmer. It’s funded by 250 thousand dollars that was earmarked to study nuclear power options in the June budget.

An outside firm will conduct the study, which would focus on the financial and environmental tradeoffs and potential industry developments in emerging technologies.



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Slacker06 October 5, 2022 at 12:29 pm

If you all want Electric vehicles you must refurbish and refuel this plant and build some more. There will not be enough wind and solar to increase electric production. Especially when you want to stop using coal, oil, and natural gas. AND tear down all the hydro plants in the country. Eventually there will be far less spent nuclear wast than all that wast from used EV batteries. Stop sniffing unicorn farts and think logically.


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