Off-duty St. Joseph County officer suspected of OWI crash was on probation for impairment

(Photo supplied/St. Joseph County Jail)

The off-duty St. Joseph County police officer on suspension for suspected violations of the law after he crashed into a mailbox in the 53000 block of Hickory Road was on probation with the department for a prior issue.

It was back in May of 2022 that photographs of Coty Hoffman in a state of undress and unconsciousness were provided to the department along with allegations of alcohol use while in uniform and on-duty. After the Internal Investigation and interviewing multiple witnesses, there was not sufficient proof to sustain the allegations. However, it was determined that Hoffman had violated department policy regarding excessive intoxication and impairment while off-duty and was in violation of policy for conduct unbecoming an officer. As a result of the violations, Hoffman was suspended without pay for 3 days, ordered to alcohol counseling, and placed on probation for six months.

The investigation into the crash, Sunday morning, Nov. 27, is still underway.

The department says no disciplinary action can be taken by the Sheriff until the investigation is complete and all the facts necessary to file formal charges with the Merit Board are complied.


  1. These are the real criminals backed up by even more criminals and parasites. In one sentence they said he was impaired and in the next they didn’t have enough evidence. He should be fired right with his boss.

    • If Redman wasn’t fired for $100+K of DARES money that can’t be accounted for, he certainly won’t be fired for this. The people who vote D will pull that lever for the D candidate no matter what.

  2. This is a tragic story. I have been in high stress dangerous jobs. Some deal with the stress to get to sleep with alcohol. Notice, the original story says he was OK until he started police work. Seems from the story a tragedy of leadership and providing help and supervision to overcome a real problem ( alcohol) Again, I have dealt with men who we tried to help but we just could not help them. A tragedy all the way around Hopefully the Sheriff has or will out into place monitoring and help programs if they are not there. His troops need them

  3. I’m sure Sheriff Redman has a plausible explanation for his deputy’s failures. If this were any of us we would not be given the benefit of doubt.

    • No benefit. He is a danger to himself and others Just understanding Leadership also needs to be held accountable if they know he has a problem, he should not be on duty


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