Michigan birth boom seems to be over for now

(Source: https://goo.gl/oLWs3R License: https://goo.gl/VAhsB)

The birth rate in Michigan is slowing down.

The rate jumped a bit during the pandemic, but then fell back. Bridge Michigan reports reports that the lagging birth rate is presenting challenges for the aging state’s future workforce.

Statistics show there were about 25 babies per 1,000 Michiganders in 1950, which fell to 19 per 1,000 in 1970, and 10.4 babies in 2020.



  1. When a large part of the population is too busy and exhausted working to pay for the non-working population to reproduce, the working population will have fewer children of their own. Obviously this will lower birth rates.

    Want people to have more children? Abolish the welfare state so they can afford to.


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