City of South Bend announces launch of High Skill Immigration Fund

(Alyssa Foster/95.3 MNC)
The City of South Bend has announced the launch of a High Skill Immigration Fund. The Fund will match employer’s expenses to sponsor H-1B visas to hire an international employee.
The application for the Fund will open on March 20, 2023, after the federal deadline to file non-cap-exempt H-1B visa petitions. Any business with an office located in South Bend and who is subject to the visa lottery (non-cap-exempt) can apply for matching funds to support processing costs.
“Attracting and hiring exceptional talent is critical for boosting our local economy,” said Mayor James Mueller. “We have world-class universities with top global talent and high demand skills in this region, and this fund will add to South Bend’s reputation as a city where everyone can thrive.”
In addition to providing a reimbursement for employers to minimize the financial burden of hiring international talent, the City has partnered with enFocus to host educational events for employers and local international students and residents.
The first webinar in the educational series will be on January 26, 2023, at 12pm on Microsoft Teams: Webinar Series #1 on High Skill Immigration with speaker Michael Durham of Barnes & Thornberg LLP. Please register at​


  1. I hope all the liberal tech workers in South Bend are paying attention, those are YOUR JOBS the city is undermining. By all means, though, keep voting D.


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