Purdue University to rename business school after former governor of Indiana

(Photo supplied/Purdue University)
Purdue University has decided to rename its business school after former university president and former governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels.
This is the first time in the university’s history that the business school will have an official name. The decision to rename the business school as the “Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business” was approved by the Purdue University Board of Trustees in a meeting held on Friday morning.
Mitch Daniels served as the President of Purdue University for 10 years before retiring at the end of 2022. He expressed his deep honor at being associated with any aspect of Purdue’s academic enterprise, especially the business school. He emphasized the importance of business careers as they create new jobs, wealth and resources which can be used by public and nonprofit sectors to pursue their goals. He also stated that the reimagined Daniels School will prepare the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs by grounding them in the hallmarks of a Purdue education, which includes STEM disciplines and business analytics.
The university released a statement saying that the Daniels School will prepare future leaders and entrepreneurs for tomorrow, by providing them with a sense of mission and the necessary tools to fulfill their mission in the most complex of enterprises.
Daniels also served two terms as the Governor of Indiana and announced earlier this week that he would not seek the state’s open U.S. Senate seat in 2024.

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