Elkhart County Commissioners approve $1.5 million for new bike path, pedestrian bridge project

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Elkhart County Commissioners approved $1.5 million during their meeting on Monday for the new bike path and pedestrian bridge project.

The path and bridge will run alongside County Road 17 across the tracks.

The project will give access to the new courthouse by way of Reith Boulevard.

According to Goshen News, it is going to cost roughly $5.5 million altogether. $1.5 million will come from the Elkhart County Redevelopment Commission. $2.8 million will come from federal aid, and another $1.5 million from the Northeast Tax Increment Finance District.

They’ll start working on the project on March 15.


  1. Most people get to the court house in a squad car or sheriffs van. The rest of us avoid going to the curthouse by obeying the law and behaving ourselves in public and private. Wast of my money.


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