Why Consider Working For A Nonprofit Organization


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At the end of your workday, do you feel a sense of fulfillment? Does what you did for the last 6 to 12 hours matter? Have you made a difference in your community, your state, your region, country, or the world?

No matter what your role is in today’s workforce climate, all employees are sorely needed. But if you’ve been thinking about changing it up, now might be the time to consider working for a nonprofit. Think of it as a chance to engage both your head and your heart.

For many, the fear that nonprofits don’t have enough funds to pay their employees is real. But that’s not the case. Being a nonprofit means that an organization pays a large sum of their revenue as charity to fulfill their societal cause — whether it’s for housing, education, or health and human services.

Working for a nonprofit affords many opportunities. At the end of the day, while a paycheck is necessary, it’s not the only motivation for most people. Instead, believing that a job gives a genuine purpose is what keeps them coming back. Nonprofits often get creative with employee perks like generous paid time off, a relaxed dress code, flexible work schedules, and bonuses.

You’ll find great diversity in nonprofit agencies — diversity in people and in the type of work. Nonprofits are generally leaner on staff, and they rely on co-workers to support one another. You may work in donor development and oversee fundraising, but on any given day, you may be answering phones in a pinch. You’ll also likely cross-train — this alone will open multiple new endeavors for you by giving you new skills and experiences.

The core purpose of nonprofits is to bring positive changes to people and to the communities that they call home. Being a part of that team means you’ll be working in a job with a generous and focused purpose.

Because of their leaner status, nonprofits learn to operate efficiently. Learning to work efficiently is a skill that will stay with you throughout your career. Nonprofits have learned to work smarter, not harder with a “small but mighty” attitude. They make sure work with purpose, seeking to win the trust of the individuals they serve.

If you think a role in the nonprofit world is right for you, REAL Services has multiple openings. REAL Services forges a community in which individuals are empowered to maintain their independence and find meaning and satisfaction throughout their lives. From administrative and management roles to care team and cooks, REAL Services is hiring. The nonprofit also offers a healthy employee benefit program. Go ahead, make 2022 the year you consider a new opportunity.

You can help serve seniors in our community by joining the REAL Services team. Visit REAL Services careers page for a complete listing of employment opportunities.


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