Indianapolis hosting NRA convention for first time since 2019

(Photo supplied/National Rifle Association)

The 2023 National Rifle Association Convention began in Indianapolis and is set to draw a large crowd of around 70,000 people. The event featured former Vice President Mike Pence and Governor Holcomb as speakers.

During his speech, Pence discussed a variety of topics. He touched on recent Supreme Court rulings related to abortion and gun rights. Additionally, he criticized the current state of the country, citing open borders, high inflation rates, and a crime wave in Democrat-led cities.

Pence received some boos from the audience. In response, he said, “I love you, too.” He then condemned credit card companies that track gun store purchases, stating that a Republican Congress and President would “kick these liberals out.”

The former Vice President also acknowledged the recent shootings in Nashville and Louisville, offering prayers and condolences for the victims. However, he made it clear that he believed the solution to gun violence was not gun control, but rather “crime control.” He advocates for the treatment of the mentally ill and ending the Defund the Police movement.

Pence praised the police officers who stopped the shooters and suggested that lawmakers fund armed School Resource Officers (SROs) in every public and private school in America. He also proposed an accelerated federal death penalty for mass shooters to ensure their execution in “months, not years.” Finally, Pence called for a return to the institutional mental health system to wrap up his speech. As Pence left the stage, he received fewer boos, but they were still audible.

Governor Holcomb also spoke, emphasizing his state’s support for Second Amendment rights. He mentioned Indiana’s low taxes and road construction plans and highlighted that Camp Atterbury would host the NRA marksmanship competition and the 2024 World Shooting Sports Championship.

Former President Trump continued to criticize President Biden’s gun control agenda. Trump told the crowd “no one will lay a finger on your guns” if he’s elected president in 2024. He said on day one he’ll stop Biden’s “war on lawful gun owners.” The Biden administration and Democrats are pushing for an assault weapons ban and other gun control measures. Trump also praised the work of some Hoosier politicians including Indiana Republican Congressman Jim Banks, Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch, and Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita.

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