Two local community ambassadors have passed away

("A row of tea candles" by Markus Grossalber, CC BY 2.0)

Two local community ambassadors have passed away.

South Bend’s former Deputy Mayor and first African American Battalion Chief, Jack Reed died, Saturday, at the age of 88. Reed served in the army as a tank commander, then worked at the South Bend Fire Department for 28 years. After that he rose to the post of Deputy Mayor under Mayor Steve Luecke.

The man known around Elkhart as “The Mayor Of Main Street” has passed away.

Paul Thomas, one of the city’s favorite sons and a respected historian of all things Elkhart died last week. He was just a few months shy of his 100th birthday. Mayor Rod Roberson told The Elkhart Truth that the city government was “saddened to hear of Paul’s passing,” and referred to him as a “unique treasure.”


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