Noblesville school shooter now accused of assaulting behind bars

The Noblesville school shooter might not get out of Juvenile prison, as he is now accused of assaulting someone behind bars.
The then 13-year-old shooter opened fire on his class in the Noblesville West Middle School in May 2018. He shot one girl multiple times, then shot his science teacher, Jason Seaman, three times before the teacher stopped him.
Nobody was killed from the shooting.
The boy was sent to juvenile prison until his 18th birthday, where a Hamilton County judge will allow him to be released to his parents on house arrest while attending rehab.
Prosecutors argued in a Wednesday hearing that the judge should change that plan.
They brought up an incident where the shooter is accused of assaulting someone in juvenile prison. The prosecutors are investigating the assault and want more time to work on the case before the shooter is released.
The judge agreed, and is allowing a continuance to keep the shooter in prison until the case can be decided.
The next hearing is April 27th.


  1. I think the shooter should stay in jail longer to show him that he can’t be violent again because he obviously did not learn his lesson the first time otherwise there will be more violence in his life against others victims in our world is not the same anymore. We are always fearing. violence in our schools. If he did not learn his lesson the first time he will never. if the judge or the prosecutor releases him and he does another shooting or another fight, what goes to show another persons love ones life is not at state therapy does not help all


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