Young calls for legislation passage, southern border strengthening to stop the flow of Fentanyl

(Photo supplied/U.S. Senator Todd Young)

U.S. Senator Todd Young of Indiana spoke on the Senate floor, this week, about the rapidly increasing number of young Americans tragically losing their lives to drug overdoses.

“This crisis knows no region, no class, no party. No American family is immune from it. We cannot let the deaths of so many young Americans be for naught,” said Senator Young.

Young discussed two pieces of recently introduced legislation that would address aspects of the fentanyl crisis. One of them would make fentanyl a Schedule I drug. The other would hold social media platforms accountable to shut down digital drug shops.

He also called on President Biden to secure the southern border to stop the flow of drugs coming in to the country from Mexico.

Watch Senator Todd Young’s address on the Senate floor below:


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