Fred Upton hopes debt debate stays out of ’24 race

(Public domain photo)

A former Michiana Congressman is urging political leaders the keep the debt limit increase out of the 2024 Presidential Race.

Fred Upton is pushing for both sides to keep the issue away from the election year by finding a way to create a two-year extension.

WSJM reports that Upton is working with the group No Labels to launch a third-party candidate for president, citing a lack of progress that is often the result of partisan politics. Upton says the nation must not default.

The Congressional Research Service says most of the $31-trillion debt facing the U.S. is due to Social Security, the Great Recession, lower tax receipts, and COVID spending.



  1. No topic should be off the table in a political debate. If someone is uncomfortable with a topic the always want it shunned.


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