Portage Manor proposal presentation removed from Tuesday agenda

(Alyssa Foster/95.3 MNC)
St. Joseph County Commissioners were expected to hear proposals about how to continue services at Portage Manor during their meeting on Tuesday, May 16, but the update and presentation has been removed from the agenda.
One of the proposals is to develop a public-private partnership, with services being managed by private providers using public funding.
A second proposal suggests maintaining current operations, but with more investment and a change in oversight.
A third proposal suggests moving operations to a different facility. A fourth proposal suggests crating a separate non-profit under the Friends of Portage Manor Board to provide for the oversight and administration of the facility.
In March, St. Joseph County Commissioners stalled their decision to close Portage Manor and a task force was formed to develop the proposals. The task force is comprised of elected officials, Portage Manor residents & advocates and experts in fields of healthcare, residential care, law, and finance.


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