WATCH: Potawatomi Zoo welcomes Sichuan Takin into the world

(Photo supplied/Potawatomi Zoo)

There were some exciting moments at the Potawatomi Zoo as some zoo-goers were lucky to see a little Sichuan Takin calf be born.

THe takin calf, is a boy and was born at 23 pounds to mom, “Yi Li” and dad, “Caboose.”

The Sichuan takin is a rare species of animal that’s part of a family of animals known as “goat antelopes.”

They’re native to the Himalayan mountains of Tibet and China.

Like many other hoofed animals, their babies are able to stand and nurse within an hour or two of being born.

It only took this little one about 50 minutes to get on its feet and nurse.

Zookeepers haven’t decided on a name, just yet.

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