Indiana Pacers re-sign Pascal Siakam to four-year $189.5 million contract

(Photo Supplied/Indiana Pacers)

The Indiana Pacers held a press conference on Monday to officially announce that the team had re-signed Pascal Siakam to a four year max contract.

The contract is worth around $189.5 Million in total. It was first rumored that he had signed the contract in June.

Head Coach Rick Carlisle was in attendance and noted that a contract of this size is the biggest offered in franchise history.

“This is a historic day. This is easily the biggest free agent signing in the history of this franchise. There is a lot to celebrate” said Carlisle. “Hats off to Kevin and his group and Mr. Simon.”

In the press conference Siakam said that when he was first traded to Indiana, he was nervous.

“The idea of change was really daunting and scary for me. I think from the first time I landed in Indiana you guys (the Pacers organization) made that transition so smooth.” said Siakam.

He also noted that he was excited to get to spend a full season in Indiana, not just to learn more about the area but also to have an entire year to grow with most of the same teammates he played with last year.

On note of teammates that is something that the third speaker, President of Basketball Operation Kevin Pritchard, hit on. Noting that the team had a high turn over rate in players over the past two seasons and that maybe it was time for that to change.

“We need some continuity. We need a camp with Pascal, Ty, Miles, and TJ. Everybody. Even more to get used to each other and get comfortable with our style.” said Pritchard. “Coach (Carlisle) puts in a unique style that’s a lot of fun to play.”

Pritchard noted that the idea to pursue another player to make the Pacers a championship contender came after the team managed to make the finals of the NBA in-season tournament. Once he and others in the organization had talked about pursuing a player, Siakam was the only clear choice according to him.

Siakam and the 2024 Indiana Pacers roster may have fallen short of an NBA championship but the team did manage to make the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 2014.

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