Man testifies Mark Leonard told him about house explosion days before it happened


By: Tom Coyne/Associated Press

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — A man has testified that a former friend told him his Indianapolis house had exploded and he was looking to buy a Ferrari several days before the building actually blew up killing two neighbors.

Mark Duckworth testified Monday in St. Joseph Superior Court in South Bend that Mark Leonard told him tsunami winds destroyed his fireplace, causing an explosion. Duckworth said Leonard told him he would receive $300,000 from insurers.

Duckworth says he called Leonard two days later and Leonard told him he made up the story about the explosion.

Duckworth testified he hasn’t had any contact with Leonard since texting him after the explosion that heavily damaged a neighborhood, saying he saw he had made the news. He says police told him Leonard planned to have him killed.