After burglary, South Bend man says he doesn't know how man died at his home


By: Krystal Vivian

Police are still investigating the death of a man found inside a home after a burglary, and the homeowner said he’s not quite sure how it happened.

Officers were called at about 11:12 a.m. to the 400 block of Corby Boulevard for a possible home invasion and found a dead man laying facedown near the back door.

The homeowner, 73-year-old Michael Parcher, told the South Bend Tribune that he had returned home from dropping his granddaughter off at work when he noticed that his home had been ransacked.

He heard a noise upstairs, grabbed his .22-caliber pistol and headed upstairs to hold the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived, he told the Tribune. When the suspect heard him, he yelled he had a gun. Parcher said that he did too, and the suspect came barreling through the door.

Parcher was knocked backwards down the stairs and the suspect ran past him, the Tribune reported. Parcher called police and learned the man was dead. He doesn’t remember how it happened.

“He pushed me down the stairs. Maybe the gun went off then,” Parcher told the Tribune.

St. Joseph County Metro Homicide is investigating the death of the man found at the house, but haven’t identified him.

Read more about the investigation in the full story from the South Bend Tribune.

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