Prescription-only pseudoephedrine supporters aren't backing down


By: Aric Chokey/Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Supporters of requiring prescriptions for a cold medicine used to make methamphetamine aren’t backing down even though key lawmakers say that option no longer is on the table.

Frank Short of the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police says the prescription-only requirement for pseudoephedrine would be more effective in curbing the number of meth labs than other options the Legislature is considering.

A Senate committee is weighing two bills that would complicate meth cooks’ ability to obtain pseudoephedrine by allowing pharmacists to turn away suspicious customers and requiring drug offenders to obtain a prescription to buy those medicines.

Opponents of prescriptions say it would inconvenience law-abiding allergy and cold sufferers and increase health care costs.

The bills faced a possible committee vote Tuesday.