Lawmakers' gun attitudes unchanged after Kalamazoo shootings


By: Associated Press

("Guns & Ammo 1" by Ken, CC BY 2.0)

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Last weekend’s fatal shooting spree in Kalamazoo hasn’t narrowed the political gulf between some Michigan Republicans and Democrats on gun control issues.

There are competing packages of bills in the Legislature.

One of the measures in the Republicans’ four-bill package would scrap a law that requires people to have a permit to carry concealed handguns.

Republican Rep. Gary Glenn says it would allow trained, law-abiding citizens to help stop shooters like Uber driver Jason Dalton, who is charged with murder and attempted murder after the Feb. 20 shootings that killed six people and injured two.

A handful of Democrats are pushing for stricter gun control, including disallowing open carry in schools and hospitals, and closing loopholes in background checks.

Both packages have been referred to a House committee.