Dan Coats: 'Hangry' study by National Science Foundation was a waste of taxpayer dollars

U.S. Sen. Dan Coats is fed up with a recent study on whether or not “hangry” exists.

“Hangry” is a slang term that describes the feeling of being angry or grumpy because a person is hungry (Coats’ younger staff members had to explain the term to him). After the word became common in pop culture, the National Science Foundation set out to find out whether or not “hangry” is a real thing using voodoo dolls.

Coats isn’t upset that scientists completed the study. He’s angry that $331,000 in taxpayer money funded it.

“This actually happened, folks,” he said. “And the serious part is that the taxpayer paid for it.”

The study was chosen as Coats’ Waste of the Week, the Indiana Republican lawmaker’s weekly feature on different examples of what he sees as unnecessary government spending.

Watch Coats’ presentation in the YouTube video below — it’s worth your time just to see him explain what “hangry” means.

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