Ted Cruz makes 'Hoosiers' reference while speaking at GOP dinner in Indiana


By: Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Sen. Ted Cruz referenced a quote from the Indiana basketball movie “Hoosiers,” comparing the federal government to “the guy who will get naked and bark at the moon in your living room.”

The Republican presidential contender made a play for the local crowd at an annual GOP spring dinner, saying the 1986 movie about a small-town Indiana basketball team that won against improbable odds was a favorite. Indiana’s presidential primary is on May 3, where 57 GOP national delegates are up for grabs.

Gene Hackman played coach Norman Dale in “Hoosiers.” In a memorable line, he says there are “two kinds” of dumb: A man who runs in the snow, naked while barking at the moon, and a man who does the same thing in your living room.