Can you change your early vote in Indiana?

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Thousands of Hoosiers have already cast their ballot early in this year’s election, but what if you’ve changed your mind? Can you change your early vote in the state of Indiana?

Finding the answer to that question, was not easy, so we went straight to the Indiana Election Division. WOWO News spoke with Angie Nussmeyer, Co-Director with the agency and she says it all comes down to each county’s definition of a “spoiled ballot.”

“The Indian Election Division’s position has been that a voter cannot spoil their ballot because they’ve changed their minds,” said Nussmeyer.  “Now, that said, County Election Boards are responsible for upholding election laws in the state of Indiana and the election board may have a different interpretation of the law than how we see it.”

So what exactly is considered a “spoiled ballot” in the Hoosier state?

“There is no definition in Indiana law that defines what spoiled means, at least that is my understanding.”

However, Nussmeyer went on to say, that some consider a “spoiled ballot” to be an absentee ballot that is destroyed or defective. But, if an early voter believes they have a “spoiled ballot” and they submit a request, their County’s Election Board would determine whether or not it’s valid.

“There’s a process by which the person (voter) would sign an affidavit and explain the facts to the County Election Board and then the County Election Board would determine whether or not a replacement ballot was warranted.” From there, the original ballot would be set aside as defective or spoiled.

Therefore, when it comes to changing your early vote in the state of Indiana, it depends on the position of your County Election Board.

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