Evan Bayh’s allies attack Todd Young’s financial records

(Evan Bayh photo: "IMG_4009" by Lisa, Attribution 2.0 Generic)(Todd Young photo supplied/Elkhart Truth)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Todd Young presents himself as a squeaky clean, detail-oriented Marine who will clean up Washington, D.C.

But public records present a picture that can be odds with the image he has cultivated since entering Congress in 2011.

Records show Young collected an improper tax deduction on a rental home. He also bounced a $4,000 check when making a payment on delinquent property taxes. And he was fined thousands of dollars by the Federal Election Commission for sloppy campaign finance practices.

Young’s campaign says he long ago accepted responsibility for his short comings, which he has since corrected.

Allies of former Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, the Democrat in the race, have tried to capitalize on Young’s tax and campaign finance problems by featuring them in attack ads.

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