Two convicted Notre Dame football players learn details of conditional discharge

Ashton White (left) and Dexter Williams (Photos supplied/Fulton County Sheriff's Office)

Two football players arrested in August in Fulton County appeared in court Tuesday to learn details of their conditional discharge.

Dexter Williams and Ashton White pleaded guilty of possession of marijuana charges earlier this month. They’ll now be put on probation for one year, which includes abstaining from alcohol and drugs. If they abide by the court’s orders, their record will be cleared.

The case stems from their arrests back on August 19th, right before the football season. That’s when they and three other athletes were stopped by Indiana State Police for speeding and having a broken taillight.

According to court documents, the trooper smelled marijuana while talking to the driver. A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of pot and a handgun.

White and Williams were released after the hearing on a conditional discharge. Their next court hearing is set for Nov. 22. The two could be sentenced for up to 180 days in jail and/or receive a one-thousand dollar fine.


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