Keep these 12 things inside your car this winter

("Snowy car line (1 of 1)" by Martin Alonso, CC BY 2.0)

Soon, Indiana drivers will experience snowy and icy roads.

The Indiana Department of Transportation wants everyone to be prepared for the winter and to stay safe. Nichole Hacha-Thomas told WOWO drivers should have an emergency kit inside their card.

“It’s something people don’t always think of is to create an emergency kit and just kind of throw it in the back seat of your car or in your trunk,” Thomas said.

Some of the essentials include an ice scraper, a flashlight with batteries, a small shovel, first aid kit, cell phone charger and jumper cables.

Kitty litter or some sand should also be in an emergency kit because they can help create traction if your vehicle is stuck on ice or in a snowbank.

It’s smart of have an extra set of warm winter clothes in your car. This would come in handy if you get stranded and have to walk somewhere. It’s also important to have a blanket because drivers shouldn’t run their cars for a long period of time. The battery could run out of juice.

“I know that all kind of sounds like doomsday, but you just never know,” Thomas said. “I’m the type of person that would rather be safe than sorry.”

Thomas also suggested having a dose of any medication the driver takes. The last thing she suggested was a candle, coffee can and matches. The trio of items can create a makeshift heater.

And, remember, if you are running your car while stranded, make sure to clear out the snow from your exhaust. Exhaust could come back in and that could have deadly consequences.


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