Pinball is finally legal again in Kokomo


KOKOMO, Ind. (AP) — The mayor of Kokomo has approved an ordinance that will reverse a more than 60-year-old ban on pinball machines in the city.

The Kokomo Tribune reports Mayor Greg Goodnight signed the ordinance into law on top of a pinball machine at a local record shop, American Dream Hi-Fi, on Tuesday.

Goodnight said the situation was ironic because he played pinball across the city as a child.

Goodnight asked Kokomo Police Chief Rob Baker, who was the only person found in City Hall who hadn’t violated the ban, to play the first legal game of pinball since 1955.

American Dream Hi-Fi owner Mike Wilson said he was shocked when he learned that while he’s been legally selling alcohol in his record store, he’s been illegally supplying free pinball games.


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