“Because I have somewhere to live:” 6 foster kids share why their foster families are great

“They let me go outside and play…. I’m thankful because they take us on trips with them.” — Giovanni, 14

“I like it that they have been so nice and made me feel welcome. They were willing to give me a home and they didn’t even know me.” — Felicia, 19

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“My foster family is loving, caring and very supportive when time is needed for them to step in. They just want the best for their foster children. They care a lot about me and want to see me succeed in life.” — Terrelle, 18

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“I like everything about my foster family, including mom’s cooking. It’s the best. And my husky dog. I’m thankful that they do not judge me for being myself. Dad is the best teacher.” — Lewis, 19

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“They’re kind to me and my brothers. They were tender-hearted enough to accept us into their homes despite all of our flaws.” — Karina, 15

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“They’re funny and they show that they love me. I’m thankful for them because I have somewhere to live.” — Adrian, 17

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