Lawyer pushes for release of emails from former Governor Mike Pence


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indianapolis lawyer is asking the Indiana Supreme Court to order the release of emails sent to Vice President Mike Pence when he was governor.

William Groth’s appeal asks for access to emails sent to Pence in 2014 in which a staffer for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott outlined a legal strategy for challenging then-President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration.

The Indiana appeals court last month found the documents are privileged attorney-client communications. Groth’s appeal, filed Monday, argues that Pence did not solicit legal advice from the Texas attorney and that they therefore have no privileged relationship to protect.

The Associated Press left a message Tuesday seeking comment from Pence’s attorney.

The supreme court has yet to decide whether it will consider the appeal.


  1. Former President Barack Obama’s issued executive orders on immigration. Who knew? Oh, the same countries that Trump just did the same thing on? Sure it is. It was for 6 months. Trumps is only for 120 days. Anyone remember all of this crap and the courts being involved when O Hussein did this? Bush? Clinton? Probably never happened until Trump did it I’m sure! What a bunch of absolute hypocrites!


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