63 year prison sentence handed down for 2015 Elkhart murder

(Photo supplied/Elkhart County Correctional Facility)

It’s 63 years in prison for a former Chicago man convicted of murder in Elkhart.

28-year-old Leon Tyson was sentenced Thursday, according to the Elkhart Truth.

He initially wanted to represent himself, saying he’d seem trials on TV and felt he could educate himself on court proceedings. However, he’d eventually settle for a public defender.

In 2015, he shot and killed 37-year-old Tommie Strowder on West Marion Street in Elkhart. This after holding Strowder and another woman at gunpoint demanding the return of a stolen gun or $300 in exchange. A jury found Tyson not guilty of criminal confinement.

Tyson also had a murder charge pleaded down to aggravated battery in Chicago when he was young.


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